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Standard Plus V1.6 for VM 1.1.5
Standard Plus V1.6 for VM 1.1.5
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In Stock: 9997 x Standard Plus V1.6 for VM 1.1.5

A Shipping Extension for Virtuemart for only $15 USD
Our Price: R120.00

Product: Standard Plus V1.6 for VM 1.1.5

After purchasing the module and having it confirmed please allow us time to change the order status and send you the download link DURING SOUTH AFRICAN BUSINESS HOURS 8:00am to 5:00pm M-F. CAT

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NEW :: View Some Tutorial Videos on the Shipping Module Below ::

Standard Plus shipping was created because we needed a quick and easy solution for calculating the shipping costs on the fly based on the weight of the product. The module is directed to virtuemart webstores that are based in countries where there are no support for shipping API's from the larger shipping companies that simply plugs into virtuemart webstores - it simply mimics how those api's calculate its shipping costs. Standard Plus is directed to webstores that are simply stuck with no real workable real world solution to copy the shipping companie's rates. We needed something that could cater for our needs in South Africa as shipping companies - even large ones like fedex, ups, and tnt do not have any API's for virtuemart that will work here.  Furthermore, we wanted to export our products and the current zone shipping options out there did just not cut it and was to complicated to setup. So we improved on the standard virtuemart shipping and created Standard Plus.

The key idea here is - that you have to know what your product weighs in order to realise the full potential of the Standard Plus - the new version supports webstores with product weights in pounds or kilograms. We sell golf balls online, and golf balls generally all weigh the same around 50grams. So 1 dozen golf balls weigh 600g. We sell balls in dozens, and all we have to know is what 1 dozen weighs and our system calculates the shipping cost for 1 dozen or 100dz - and this can be setup in less than 2 minutes vs 100000's of hours using the standard shipping of virtuemart

Furthermore, We also wanted to start exporting to various countries around the world, however all international shipping / courier companies used their own list of zones ( a group of countries) using a weight based system - and no other shipping module could do what we wanted. There was no quick and easy way to assign zones within virtuemart and it was very limited. So we designed our zone editor to basically copy the zones that TNT, Fedex, DHL or UPS uses - this is a quick and easy process to create your own zones depending on the company you use to do your shipping. We even added the postal service and airmail for our own store as they also have the world divided into zones. This is a very quick and easy solution for you to use - and easy to understand.

In order to use Standard Plus Shipping Module you will need the list of weights and cost for sending those weights around the world or in your specific country. Below in an example with your unit of measure being kg's. Unit = 1

Weight Start to Weight End Rate Weight Range
0kg to 5kg $10 per kg 1
5kg to 10kg $8 per kg 2
10kg to 15kg $7 per kg 3
15kg to 20kg $6 per kg 4





 For example if your product weighs 10kg then it will calculate the rate $10 x 5kg + $8 x 5kg = $90 to ship the product. It does not skip weights and just calculate $8 x 10kg's = $80. You have to pass through the weight bands 1 & 2 to calculate your total. This is how shipping companies calculate their shipping rates ... at least in South Africa they do. This example uses the unit of measurement as 1kg - so for a 4kg product you are in weight band 1 and you will get charged $10 for each and every kg up to 5kg's. So your product weighs 4kg's and your price for shipping will be 4kg x $10 = $40. If your product weigh's 20kg's and your unit of measurement is 1kg's then the system would calculate weight bands 1,2,3,4 and then add them together like here 5kg x $10 + 5kg x $8 + 5kg x $7 + 5kg x $6 = $155. It calculates per kg within the weight band.

17 Reasons why you should buy VM Standard Plus :

  1. Calculate the shipping cost of products on the fly based on the product weight
  2. Supports Pounds and Kilogram webstores
  3. Flat Rate Shipping is a breeze - see video tutorial below
  4. Postal Code start and end ranges to isolate specific towns and cities or areas within the a country
  5. Quickly and Easily Create rates in multiples of 100g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 50kg  (01.lbs, 0.5lbs, 1lbs, 2lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, 50lbs) - copy the weight bands from your shipping company to have accurate shipping rates.
  6. You can copy existing rates  and reduce your worktime - copy function.
  7. Create Shipping Zones - perfect for online stores that plan to sell worldwide
  8. Add Countries to Zones - create mutliple zones with different countries in each zone to give your store an even bigger global footprint
  9. Upload Shipper Logos for the checkout page - makes your site look more professional
  10. Awesome "Extra info" hover function on checkout to give your customer more info about shipping without flooding the page.
  11. You can have multiple shippers all using the same zone, but each zone with different shipping rates for each shipper - this is one of the features that makes this shipping module extra special.
  12. Module can also ship goods based on volumetric weight with just a little extra offline calculations.
  13. Enable or Disable shippers with the click of the mouse! 
  14. Exclude Postal codes from within a postal code range if you have the possibility of overlapping postal codes.
  15. New Volumetric Weight Calculator added - new in 1.0.5
  16. Add a Fuel Surcharge to your shipping rate. 1.0.5
  17. At this price it is worth the time and effort saved to get it this module!
  18. New Feature : Shipping discount can be set to a percentage or Dollar amount when buying specific products - so now you can promote several products with shipping discount and this way sell more!

This software is being sold as is, and all our sales are final, NO REFUNDS will be given . In a perfect world, the software would be bug free; however we don’t live in a perfect world. In the unlikely event you do find a bug, please report it and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Also understand that a missing feature is NOT a bug. It is not possible to cover everything a user will use the software for. If you do have a feature request, please let us know and if the demand is high enough it will be added.

The installation of this software is configured to work on a standard installation of Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1.5. If you made modifications to the code, it may not install properly. In case you experience installation issues resulting from custom modifications, feel free to contact us and we will try to help.

We do not offer telephonic support so please do not call us - we will only respond to emails.


 Installing the Module

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Setting up your First Rate

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One More Tutorial

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psd-money-back-guarantee1100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your Money back!!!

All our products are guaranteed to be the best Quality. We offer you a risk free 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase simply return it within 14 days from shipment date for a 100% refund of the purchase price. Shipping for your own account when returning products to us/.


Please familiarise yourself with our return policy and procedures here. Click Here for Return Policy .

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our grading procedures so that you know what you are buying before you buy it. We have a very strict grading policy to ensure you get the best used golf balls on the market today. How we Grade.

Recycled Golf Balls are similar to eggs. They are washed, brand and type sorted and then individually Hand Graded by color and cover condition. The recycled balls are sorted into Mint, A-Grade and Practice-Grade (Grade R) condition so the consumer can choose the quality and price point they wish to purchase. For a closer look at the grading standards please see the chart below. The pictures are for illustration purposes only and we do not grade using the pictures as our standard. The pictures are there to illustrate or explain in way that words simply cannot. 

These golf balls are like new in appearance and will feel and play as a new ball would. They might have tiny imperfections but have no abrasions at all.  We like to call them ‚ÄúOne Hit Wonder‚ÄĚ golf balls as it was most likely lost after the first swing or two .... or stolen out of players bag ;-) Can also be called "A+" Grade. *



These golf balls all have one or another minor imperfection that keeps them from being Mint. They might have minor abrasions or slight blemishes. Most people would consider these balls Mint, but we are just too picky. These balls are similar to a new ball after being played for 3-4 holes. The shine and color of the balls may slightly vary, but the integrity of the flight characteristic is not compromised at all. *


The combination of these two grades are as a result of the quality of the balls being so good that we cannot tell the difference between MINT and A-Grade. When you as customer buy them you will not be able to tell the difference either because of the high standard of grading and quality balls. Guaranteed Great Quality Golf Balls! *



These balls have been played with for a few holes and still look fairly good. They will have minor marks and / or minor scuffs on the balls but they are great for practice. These are balls that did not make it into our "A" grade however you might find A Grade balls in the mix. We recommend this grade to high handicap and beginner golfers.
* Balls may have logos and/or player markings. This includes all grades.
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Please note all orders received after 9:00am South African Local time will only be shipped the next business day. 

The cost of the freight / shipping charge depends on the quantity of balls you buy and is calculated automatically by our website during Checkout based on the weight of the products in the cart. You will be presented with Several Shipping Options in no Particular order during the checkout process and the cost of that shipping option will be shown to you - so you get to choose what you want to pay and what service you want.


Please note that you qualify for free shipping if your order is over R999. This applies to golf balls only, and not for driving range equipment.


  1. Post Office
  2. Speed Services
  3. Fastway
  4. PostNet
  5. Free Collection - if you are in JHB area and want to collect - please see read here for more information on that.

You get the opportunity to review all costs before placing your order. Please find an indication approx costs with the Post Office.

The price below includes our minimal additional packaging fee of R10.77 excl. vat. per order.

Weight of balls.

12 golf balls = 0.75 kg

24 golf balls = 1.5 kg

36 golf balls = 2.25 kg


Registered Mail
to your closest
Post Office. 

4 to 5 Days
Please Collect 

0 - 0.9999 kg 53.17
1 - 1.9999 kg 58.67
2 - 2.9999 kg 64.17

3 - 3.9999 kg

4 - 4.9999 kg 75.17
5 - 5.9999 kg  80.67 
6 - 6.9999 kg 86.17
 7 - 7.9999 kg 91.67 
 8 - 8.9999 kg  97.17
 10 - 10.9999 kg  102.67
 11 - 11.9999 kg 108.17 
 12 - 12.9999 kg 113.67 




We are pleased to announce as of 1 September 2011 we offer Fastway Couriers as another shipping option for our customers. The prices are amazing and the service is brilliant. With this courier service we have increased our home and office delivery footprint so make our service even more cost effective and convenient.

Please view the maps below for more information to ensure you select the correct shipping option during checkout.


Rates :

Gauteng Regional:  under 9kg's Charged at R59.99 incl vat per order (approx 168 balls or 14 dozen)



Durban : under 9kg's Charged at R59.99 incl vat per order (approx 168 balls or 14 dozen)




Cape Town 48hrs : under 9kg's Charged at R59.99 incl vat per order (approx 168 balls or 14 dozen)






Please note we do not offer a personal delivery service to your home or office with Speed Services or Registered Mail.  If you live in a major city ot town ( please see list below) we will be able to ship to your home and office - Terms and Conditions Apply ( see below ).

Please note all orders received after 9:00am will only be shipped the next business day.

We try to make it cost effective for you and because of the price, there will be limitations to the service that the post office offers. You have to collect the package from your local post office during normal business hours using your tracking number and ID book. You can put a street address for delivery however you should not expect delivery to be made to that address. That is the address where you will receive your slip for collection notification - this slip can take up to 7 days after the package has been delivered to the post office to reach you. The post office does not deliver packages to any home or business address. This is a limitation of the service offered by the Post Office.

Once you receive your tracking number from us via email after payment confirmation, you will be able to track the package online and collect it from the post office once it arrives there ( please see transit times as sometimes the tracking site lags behind). You will be able to collect without the post office slip being sent to you first. So all you need is your ID book and tracking number to be able to collect.

The post office and speed services is the most reliable service we are able to offer at such low prices, and unfortunatly they do no deliver to home or office addresses.

Please call us if you would like to get more information regarding the shipping service with speed services and registered mail please contact us using the contact us link on the main menu.

We do charge a minimal fee of R10 for packaging material on each order.